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Attorney Representation in Portland, Oregon for over 15 years

Sex offenses more than any other area of law requires experienced, compassionate counsel who is not afraid to protect your rights and take on the alleged victim and the government. You are presumed innocent by law but make sure you have someone who enforces that right! Often times a person charged with a sex offense is presumed guilty regardless of what the law says.

Hire an Experienced Portland Criminal Attorney

As a former sex crimes prosecutor, I have had great success in helping people in your situation. I have seen first hand how false allegations can lead to an unjust prosecution. However, if you are charged with a sex offense you might need to prove your innocence. This area of criminal law more than any other is subject to wrongful prosecution. I had a client who prior to my representation took and passed an Oregon State Police polygraph but was still indicted. We got the charges dismissed however without the right counsel he might be incarcerated for 25 years.

The Law Office of John E. Gutbezahl aggressively fights allegations of Rape, Sodomy, Sexual Abuse, Unlawful Sexual Penetration and statutory rape. We also handle computer and online offense allegations. The right lawyer can make all the difference.

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