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Attorney Representation in Portland, Oregon for over 15 years

The right attorney can make all the difference.  When the jury comes back with a verdict it means likely you go to prison for at least 25 years or you walk out the door.  My job is walk you out the door.  Murder in Portland Oregon carries with it a mandatory 25 year sentence with no guarantee of parole.  Therefore your future is at stake. Do not settle for a lawyer looking to plead you out without a fight.   You need an experienced criminal attorney who will look at all defenses including self defense, alibi,  lack of intent, choice of evils and others to attempt to gain an acquittal. 

Contact a Portland Criminal Lawyer who knows how to represent his client

There may also be lesser offenses of Manslaughter and Criminally Negligent Homicide available which carry significantly less sentences. The government has investigators and experts so you need them too but most of all you need a lawyer who is not afraid of the courtroom and will never sell you out.  Not all cases are destined for trial but if you have John E. Gutbezahl on your side you will know that you have a fighter in your corner. 

Our Oregon City lawyer will immediately start a defense against pending charges

Being prepared for trial can force the government into favorable plea negotiations or even outright dismissal. The Law Office of John E. Gutbezahl will assemble the right team of investigators, and forensic experts to mount an attack on the prosecution’s case. The best defense often times is a good offense and it is important to not wait until the government is ready with its case.  We will identify, locate and subpoena witnesses who will help our case and provide an attack on the state’s forensic evidence.  Also we will investigate the government’s witnesses to determine bias, motive or outright dishonesty.

Get represented by an experienced Portland criminal attorney

Do not give up your right to trial without a fight!  We will have experienced investigators and experts fighting the State every step of the way.  Often times the best defense is a good offense. I had a client charged with murder but made the government dismiss on day of trial.  But do not forget the government has to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt to twelve people. Your liberty and your life are at stake. Protect your rights. Contact the Law Office of John E. Gutbezahl immediately at 503.594.1919.