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Portland Criminal Defense

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Attorney Representation in Portland, Oregon for over 15 years

Assault can carry a mandatory 90 month or 70 month sentence depending on the level of offense. There are many defenses available to obtain an acquittal. Self defense, choice of evils, alibi, intent and others are available to you.

The alleged victim’s character may be in issue so we will explore that avenue of attack as well. Even if an outright acquittal is not possible a reduction to a lesser level can make the difference between prison and probation.

Our Portland Criminal Defense Attorney can explore all your legal options

Our office will thoroughly investigate the case to ensure that your rights are protected and that we are prepared for trial. Preparation for trial can result in forcing the government to dismiss and can lead to an acquittal.

Do not settle for a lawyer who is looking to plead you out; hire a lawyer who is ready to fight for you and has proven results. That lawyer is John E Gutbezahl. Call him immediately at 503.594.1919.